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Mr. Kyprios has professional experience in the following following areas:


Corporate Lending: Extensive experience in corporate extensions of credit, including loans and bonds, and structuring the loan or bond, with a focus on direct lending credit risks.

Credit Analysis: To be successful at lending requires intensive due diligence in conducting a credit analysis, learned at Prudential Insurance Company’s Commercial and Industrial Loan Department.

Syndicated Loans and Bond Proposals: Analyzed hundreds of leveraged loans, including LBOs, recapitalizations and DIP loans syndicated by major US Banks with minimal loss of principal. 

International Banking: Responsible for relationships with, and evaluating syndicated credits to, corporate customers and banks all over the world. Visited banks, clients, and prospects in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Foreign Banks in New York: Organized banks, bank branches, and departments. Led the New York branches of a domestic and a foreign bank; organized credit departments and lending groups.

Bank Strategy and Management: Held senior management positions for foreign banks and regional banks in their New York subsidiaries and branches (including a UK Merchant Bank, a major U.S. regional bank, a Scandinavian Consortium Bank, and banks in Finland and Germany. 
For more information about Mr. Kyprios’ experience, see his CV.


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